Mannequin's Monologue
3 / 8 / 08 Treatment


MANNEQUIN'S MONOLOGUE is once part comedy, one part drama in which a young man goes blind. His disability changes his outlook on life, which was once optimistic. He decides to kill himself, and only his friend can make him realize the mistake he is making.


Mannequin's Monologue is about the things in life people can take for granted. At the same time, it also emphasizes the value that everybody has, both to themselves and others.


John - John is a guy who has everything going for him. Once he loses his sight, he doesn't know where to turn. Even though he has a caring mother and good friends, his loss of sight and in turn, his dream to become a pilot destroys his positive outlook. He decides to kill himself out of the numbness that has overtaken his life.

Emily - Emily is John's potential love interest. Though he is a confident guy, he can't bring himself to put a move on one of his good friends. She does display more than normal affection for John and it appears she would be willing to become more serious if he wasn't moving to Colorado. Her commitment to John saves him in the end.

Charlie - Charlie is John's well-meaning best friend. He is also not the sharpest tool in the shed. He can't hold a job, and is the reason for John's accident. Though he isn't the brightest, he is a good and sincere friend.

Janice - John's mother, Janice, is very kind. She is proud of John's accomplishments, and loves him dearly.


JOHN, who is a boy in his late teens, relates the opening sequence in a flashback through voiceover. He lives only with his mother, JANICE, because his father was killed in the first Gulf War. His voiceover also serves as the contents of a suicide letter he is writing.

John leaves his house to meet his friend, EMILY, at a swing set where they usually convene. Emily is angry with him for being accepted into the Air Force. They talk for a while, and Emily invites John back to her house.

When they arrive, John finds that his friends had set up a surprise party for him. John's best friend, CHARLIE, offers him a beer. They all proceed to get drunk.

After the events of the party die down, John, Emily, and Charlie all decide to go outside. Charlie is the drunkest of them all and decides to leave. He wanders into the street where he falls and is too drunk to stand. John yells at him but Charlie doesn't listen. A car suddenly speeds towards Charlie and John runs to save him. The car hits him, and everyone hovers over him.

John's voiceover continues to relate the story of his accident as he is rushed to the hospital. The accident has caused him to go blind. As time passes, he gradually becomes more jaded towards his friends and life in general.

Months after the accident, Charlie comes to visit John. John has decided to kill himself and is resigned to the fact that nothing will change his mind. Charlie opens up to John and wishes he could have been the one to get hit. John accepts Charlie's apology and leaves to meet Emily.

Janice drops John off at the swings. Instead of meeting Emily, John leaves her his suicide note and hitches a ride to a steep cliff. At the same time, Charlie calls Emily to tell her about his talk with John and tips her off to their meeting. Emily is confused and goes to find John.

Instead of finding John, she finds his note, which she wasn't supposed to see until after he is dead. She knows what cliff he goes to and rushes to save him. She arrives right before he is about to jump and coaxes him down.

John learns to accept his disability and recognizes his importance to those in his life and vice versa. His new acceptance of life is confirmed when he decides to go skydiving, as a way of vanquishing his demons.