Mannequin's Monologue Treatment
The treatment for my senior capstone project.

Trademark and Film
A paper for a law class discussing various cases involving films and the intellectual property right of trademark.

The Buddy Bandit Genre: Doomed Friendship in the Movies
This idea behind this paper was to come up with a new genre and explain what defines it.

The Search for Truth: Ambiguity in Modern Crime Films
This is a study of the interrelated nature of three seminal movies about crime.

The Humanism of Wim Wenders
An attempt to find a uniting theme among some of Wenders' most famous films.

Cookie's Fortune
An examination of the late Altman film.

The Make-Believe Man Treatment
A treatment for a film or TV adaptation of a short story.

Hawthorne and the Unpardonable Sin
A thesis paper examining a dominant theme throughout Nathaniel Hawthorne's short stories and novels.

The Struggle for Civil Rights in Ireland During the 20th Century
A comparison of Irish struggles versus those of India and America.