Wire - Pink Flag

Wire was a product of the first wave of British punk. However, the band never achieved the notoriety of groups like the Sex Pistols, and managed to resist the conformity that quickly swept over the scene. This was due to the fact that the group were brash minimalists with an experimental side. Once they had something down, they took it and ran with it. While other bands elaborated on songs, Wire was about simplicity, practicality, and getting the point across any way they could. Pink Flag, their debut, is a prime example of these qualities. Some tracks are moderately long, some obscenely short (Field Day for the Sundays - 28 seconds), some straightforward, some abstract. Some just seem like thoughts put to music, while others are full on songs. All delivered with the punch of B.C. Gilbert's guitar and the ferocity of singer Colin, they addressed political and social topics and spanned genres, from punk to pop. Pink Flag was truly original and inspirational for its time, and is still relevant today for all who choose to acknowledge it.


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1. Reuters
2. Field Day for the Sundays
3. Three Girl Rhumba
4. Ex Lion Tamer
5. Lowdown
6. Start to Move
7. Brazil
8. It's So Obvious
9. Surgeon's Girl
10. Pink Flag
11. Commercial
12. Straight Line
13. 106 Beats That
14. Mr. Suit
15. Strange
16. Fragile
17. Mannequin
18. Different to Me
19. Champs
20. Feeling Called Love
21. 1 2 X U
22. Options R [*]

Written by: Tosh

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