Weezer - The Lion and the Witch

konnichiwa.. heh... this is my first real review. I'm writin' it on my linux box while i have some spare time. Later on, i'm planning a review for several Heinlein novels, and a few other albums. For now, i'm gonna move on to this one :#.

"the lion and the witch" is the very latest release from Weezer. It's a recording of 6 songs from a club show on their recent tour of Japan (World Cup Tour, May '02). The songs included are:
1. dope nose
2. island in the sun
3. falling for you
4. death and destruction
5. el scorcho
6. holiday

The interesting thing about this EP release is, it's only been released to independent music stores. You can't get this in Sam Goody, so if you don't have an independent music store in your town, you'll either have to get this one online. or you're just S.O.L. Sorry. maybe mp3s? still, i'd recommend buying it. Like their other recent release, Maladroit, this cd is numbered too. the highest numbers I saw in the store were in the 20-25 thousand range, and mine is #001712 ;p. It also has, unlike any Weezer album to date, it has Stuff inside the cover!! no song words, i mean actual writing! there are 4 fan letters, a paragraph from the producer, and some (really) random touring quotes. The fan letters are either annoying or hilarious, because they seem to be literal-translations from Japanese (if you've ever translated a Japanese site through babelfish, it's along those lines).

So about the album. It's... great. I mean, if you like Weezer and all. It's a good live album. I mean, out of the 3 live albums i've ever heard, MXPX, No Use For A Name, and this one, this is the best. I wish I'd seen this live, seems an emotional expirence. Anyhow. To critique the live show: This summer I went to the Warped Tour, and I can tell you for a fact (even as a musician myself) that the best
live shows are always those where the band has a banter with the crowd. The NUFAN live show had that, the Starting Line show had that, the NFG show had that. The MXPX show didn't. That would be one of the reasons that they aren't my favorite band. Back to Weezer, They have it. Rivers seems hilariously uncomfortable onstage. It's a hell of a lotta fun. It's also funny when the Japanese crowd yells stuff, because some try to do it in english, some in japanese, and Rivers responds with his uncomfortable... banter...... or something like that.

The songs are quite good. The band has fun with them, and by the end of the show is in a good groove with everything. I don't want to give away too much. Buy it. It's only like 7 bucks, i mean, are you really THAT cheap?

I have 3 qualms (that means small complaints :P) with the album. The first would be with one of the fan letters. They interpreted "baka" to mean "son of a bitch". It means fool or idiot, as far as my anime expirence goes. The second, with the album. Rivers sez, "Wow, we didn't fuck that up!" and they censor it. It's annoying! I want to hear the man swear! The third problem I have is, THE ALBUM JUST CUTS OFF!!!!! I want MORE damnit! There'd better be like a series of them, all from the one show! They like, cut rivers off mid-improv thingy! ARGH! I may be uninformed. I don't have internet access here, so i can't check weezer.com. I really hope there's a series of these EPs, or maybe they'll release MP3 versions of the rest of the show. So, in my opinion, the album is very much worth the 7 bucks you spend on it. It has good live improv stuff you won't find anywhere else (the intro is awesome), and it's got some cool stuff on the case.


weezer.com, in their infinite wisdom, etc, put up the cut off track on their audiovisual portion of their site. It's available for download right at the top of the page there. I've listened, and as an additional critique, IT STILL CUTS HIM OFF. I know we're supposed to be left wanting more, but this is frustrating! Still a great album, but... rawr.


Go to your local indie music store to pick it up!

1. Dope Nose
2. Island in the Sun
3. Falling for You
4. Death and Destruction
5. El Scorcho
6. Holiday

Written by: Jack

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