Teenage Fanclub - Bandwagonesque

Bandwagonesque is the debut album from the Scottish Teenage Fanclub. When they first appeared, Teenage Fanclub was unfairly grouped with the rest of the early 90's rock bands into one big "alternative" category and often railed by critics for being uninspired. But give these guys some credit. The poppy hooks and catchy melodies offered here are far from the heavy, angst driven songs of their contemporaries. The lyrics are thoughtful, the basslines melodic, and the guitar work a pleasing mix of jangling chord changes over distortion-driven rhythm parts. Most of the material can easily be compared to 60's pop or 70's power pop, and much of it draws the listener back for repeated listens. TF seemed to openly embrace the stereotype of a 90's rock band (notice the album cover, which sports a sack of cash, and the title) but at least they could deliver the goods.


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1. Concept
2. Satan
3. December
4. What You Do to Me
5. I Don't Know
6. Star Sign
7. Metal Baby
8. Pet Rock
9. Sidewinder
10. Alcoholiday
11. Guiding Star
12. Is This Music?

Written by: Tosh

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