Stiff Little Fingers - Nobody's Heroes

SLF's second album serves as an excellent reminder of their versatality and song writing. While deviating slightly from the politically scorching songs of Inflammable Material, SLF still manages to write a solid punk song. For example, "Gotta Gettaway" is an incendiary opener, while "Fly the Flag" is nothing short of an anthem. "Nobody's Hero" is probably the highlight of the album, with an almost melodic essence. While Jake Burns' snarl keeps it from being too pop-ish, it's easy to see that many of today's pop-punk bands most likely took a hint from SLF. The band's fascination with reggae and dub surfaces in two songs, "Bloody Dub" and "Doesn't Make It Alright," the latter being one of the group's more recognizable songs. The album finishes with the politically motivated "Tin Soldiers." While a few songs on here don't quite compare to the band's other efforts, Nobody's Heroes is a strong album from a great punk band.


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1. Gotta Gettaway
2. Wait and See
3. Fly the Flag
4. At the Edge
5. Nobody's Hero
6. Bloody Dub
7. Doesn't Make It All Right
8. I Don't Like You
9. No Change
10. Tin Soldiers

Written by: Tosh

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