Stiff Little Fingers - Go For It

Arguably the Fingers' best effort, Go For It was also the last album to feature the band's original lineup. Singer Jake Burns has moved from his rasping growl to an actual singing voice which he uses throughout the album, and as always, the lyrics he spouts out are anchored in some sort of political commentary or personal subject. Each track on here is strong in some way, whether it's because the band has a keen sense of melodicism or a knack for crafting a song that often verges on the edge of pop. There's even an instrumental track and some horns scattered around to add some variety here, but no matter how adventurous they choose to get, the key to SLF's sound still lies in their ability to write a good, solid punk song.


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1. Roots Radicals Rockers & Reggae
2. Just Fade Away
3. Go for It
4. Only One
5. Hits and Misses
6. Kicking Up a Racket
7. Safe as Houses
8. Gate 49
9. Silver Lining
10. Piccadilly Circus
11. Back to Front [*]
12. Mr. Fire Coal Man [*]
13. Doesn't Make It All Right [Live] [*] [Live]

Written by: Tosh

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