Squirrel Bait - Skag Heaven

Squirrel Bait is a relatively unheard of band hailing from Louisville, Kentucky. It's really a shame virtually no one knows who they are, because they laid down some amazing tracks during their short existence together as a band.

SB's sound is a mixture of punk, and garage rock. Guitarists Dave Grubbs and Brian McMahon lay on heavy distortion, while staying away from the thick crunch so common today. Drummer Ben Daughtrey is actually quite incredible, speed-wise and musically, and has a mini-showcase on "Choose Y'r Poison". Bassist Clark Johnson is consistent and steady-handed, and singer Peter Searcy can belt lyrics like there's no tomorrow.

These guys can really scream, and it's shows on scorching, adrenaline pumping tracks like "Choose Y'r Poison" and "Kick the Cat". While most of the tracks are heavily reliant on punk, some songs like "Kid Dynamite" and "Virgil's Return" are great examples of SB's ability to meld pop melodies into their hard-hitting attack. The rest of the CD is consistently good, and they even included a cover of Phil Ochs' "Road Tape From California".

Squirrel Bait's efforts have gone vastly unnoticed due to their cult status, and Skag Heaven in their only full-length album. If you're looking for some good fast music though, definitely look into this. Before there was grunge and 90's alternative, there was Squirrel Bait.


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1. Kid Dynamite
2. Virgil's Return
3. Black Light Poster Child
4. Choose Y'r Poison
5. Straw Wins
6. Kick the Cat
7. Too Close to the Fire
8. Slake Train Comin'
9. Rose Island
10. Road Tape From California

Written by: Tosh

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