Reunion Show - Kill Your Television

Coated in stickers reading, "The Pixies and Weezer have nothing on this!" (i swear to god, this sticker was on this album), The Reunion Show grabbed mine and Tosh's attention in plan 9 today. We'd both just finished doing some yardwork for my grandfather, so money wasn't scarce, and i grabbed it. Whoever wrote this (, i believe) is full of shit. They are fucking RETARDED. They need a solid kick in the teeth.

Kill Your Television isn't a bad album. The Reunion Show is an agressive pop-punk-meets-new-wave band, and they do shine in this album. Their style is brought to the forefront of these 11 songs, and it's an interesting departure of normal agressive pop punk (which i can't stand for the most part). I do like the album, but it has severely LOST POINTS because of that FUCKING STUPID STICKER. You fucktards over at Victory Records like tricking kids into spending their hard-earned cash on this sort of thing when you KNOW they likely won't like it, right? The FUCKING PIXIES!? How can you compare this to the pixies? it's drivel in comparison! It's nothing! The Pixies had true originality, they were something completely different. This is just the same crap we've been hearing on the radio for the past year. I hate Thursday, just so you know, and this has a bit in common with that (same label too).

My First and Only number rating:

In terms of album and music, this gets a 5 out of 10. It's okay, but nothing new. But because of those stickers, the ONLY REASON I BOUGHT IT, IT GETS A 2. FUCK YOU, VICTORY RECORDS, FUCK YOU. I hope you all go bankrupt. And i hope that idiot over at sees this, because he needs to be beaten with a pipe. weezer and the pixies, COME ON!!! What kind of crazy crack WERE you smoking when you came up with that one! and to top it off, they compare it to Elvis Costello and The Cars! What were these ad execs thinking? Fucking idiots!

Final Verdict: Death. er, 2 out of 10.


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1. Television
2. Art Of Nothing
3. Stuck On You
4. Star Training
5. Character Assassination
6. New Rock Revolution
7. Alligator Love Trap
8. Oh...Is It A Full Moon (Again?)
9. On A Scale From One To Awesome (You're Pretty Great)
10. Drop It!
11. Dedication

Written by: Jack

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