Queers - Pleasant Screams

Take any pop-punk band you can think of, add a heavy dose of Ramones riffage, and you have what is essentially the Queers. The three piece even dedicated this particular album to Joey Ramone himself. Most of the tracks within consist of straightforward pop punk song arrangements, usually with sarcastic and humorous lyrics. It's obvious the band wasn't trying to be innovative here; they're just trying to have some fun. Just check out the lyrics to "See You Later Fuckface," for instance. Who can deny the sheer entertainment value of that?


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1. Get a Life & Live It
2. See Ya Later Fuckface
3. Psycho Over You
4. Danny Vapid Ain't a Faggot
5. I Never Got the Girl
6. It's Cold Outside
7. I Wanna be Happy
8. Generation Of Swine
9. Tick Tick Tock
10. I Don't You Want Hanging Around
11. You're a Homo
12. You Just Gotta Blow My Mind
13. Debbie Be True
14. Molly Neuman

Written by: Tosh

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