Q and Not U - Different Damage

Q and Not U's second album, Different Damage, is almost as good as their first one. But not quite. The band lost an excellent bassist in Matt Borlique, and this album features the remaining three members - two guitarists and a drummer. So here, vocalist Christopher Richards takes over on bass duties when necessary... but it just isn't quite the same. On No Kill No Beep Beep (their debut), Richards and fellow guitarist Harris Klahr where able to focus on a unique interplay between their two instruments on every track, usually with exciting results. Here, the band breaks away from that formula. Slightly more limited, they focus their efforts into unique grooves, sometimes adding keyboards and other miscellaneous instruments. While this is effective to some extent, it's safe to say the first album was slightly catchier and more exciting with Borlique being able to work around the guitarists. Different Damage is a good album, but if you're just getting into the band, check out No Kill No Beep Beep first.


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1. Soft Pyramids
2. So Many Animal Calls
3. Air Conditions
4. Black Plastic Bag
5. Meet Me in the Pocket
6. This Are Flashes
7. Everybody Ruins
8. Snow Patterns
9. When the Lines Go Down
10. O'No
11. No Damage Nocturne
12. Recreation Myth

Written by: Tosh

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