Procol Harum - The Collection

hah, on the weird shit-o-meter, this ranks up there with Surfer Rosa and Mag Earwhig!, which is pretty damned weird. Later on, i plan on reviewing Mag Earwhig, so check back here sometime soon. For now, this. I learned about this album when I read Douglas Adams' last book, "The Salmon of Doubt", and anything recommended by Douglas Adams is good enough for me.

To give an idea of the sound of this album, if you've ever heard Guided by Voices, this album sounds as if they got some pianos and an orchestra and went to town. It's strange, oddly poetic stuff. For the most part, it's pure strangenes, and i don't like it. It's just not my style. If you're a pure indie kid, you may like this, but if you're anything less, then it's likely you won't.

Tracks I like include #3, Salty Dog, #7, Grand Hotel, #8, Bringing Home the Bacon, #11 Conquistador, and the last 2. so.. i guess i do like most of it. huh. Anyhow, it's quite unlikely you'll be able to find this album anyway. It wasn't even listed in the CDDB! I was lucky enough to find it in the used section for about $8.

So my final rating is: 6.5/10. It's worth $8, but no more. and only if you like Guided by voices.


1. A Whiter Shade of Pale
2. Homburg
3. A Salty Dog
4. Whaling Stories
5. Quite Rightly So
6. Shine on Brightly
7. Grand Hotel
8. Bringing Home the Bacon
9. Toujours l'amour
10. Broken Barricades
11. Conquistador (live)
12. Nothing But the Truth
13. Butterfly Boys
14. Pandora's Box

Written by: Jack

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