Pixies - Come On Pilgrim

Some of the Pixies' first recorded material can be found on this 8 song EP, which runs a little over 18 minutes. While brief, Come On Pilgrim manages to capture the essence of the band. "Caribou" starts things off somewhat slowly, and then leads into "Vamos," an upbeat song with some Spanish lyrics. "Isla de Encanta" is excellent, and then comes "Ed is Dead" and "Holiday," two very addictive pop songs. The vocal interaction between Black Francis and Kim Deal is quite evident on most of the songs, and the two-guitar element quickly takes form with Joey Santiago adding melodies around Francis's parts. While not of the best recording quality, especially compared to their later Steve Albini produced albums, this EP still does a great job of establishing the band's sound and is essential for fans.


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1. Caribou
2. Vamos
3. Isla de Encanta
4. Ed Is Dead
5. Holiday Song
6. Nimrod's Son
7. I've Been Tired
8. Levitate Me

Written by: Tosh

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