Pixies - Bossanova

If you thought the Pixies were kinda weird to begin with, you'll be thoroughly convinced they are with Bossanova. Black Francis's lyrics are even harder to understand, and much of the material is a vast departure from the pseudo-pop of Doolittle. But that's not to say that this album is bad, by any means. There are many hidden gems waiting to be discovered, my personal favorites being "Allison" and Velouria," and the fan favorite "The Happening." "Allison" is somewhat speedy and very catchy, and "Velouria" is beautifully discordant. Then there's "All Over the World," which is probably the longest Pixies song ever, and everyone's favorite, "Digging for Fire." And what better way to kick off all of these songs than with a surf instrumental. Obviously, Francis was looking to broaden his horizons.

Bossanova does take some getting use to, mixing surf and sci-fi with Francis's abstract lyrics and some of the band's oddest arrangements. While there are some immediately likeable songs, newcomers should stay away. More abrasive, more experimental, even more mature in some aspects; this album is a masterpiece but in its own special way.


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1. Cecilia Ann
2. Rock Music
3. Velouria
4. Allison
5. Is She Weird
6. Ana
7. All over the World
8. Dig for Fire
9. Down to the Well
10. Happening
11. Blown Away
12. Hang Wire
13. Stormy Weather
14. Havalina

Written by: Tosh

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