Mudhoney - Superfuzz Bigmuff Plus Early Singles

Before there was even a word for it, Mudhoney was grunge. They took punk energy and attitude, threw in some blues licks, then topped it all off with crunchy distortion. It's obvious that the band had a large influence on Nirvana and other mainstream "alternative" groups, while ironically never receiving the credit or recognition they deserved. The material on this CD is proof that Mudhoney had a formula that worked, and many fellow Seattle bands simply were able to capitalize on it. Listen to the self-loathing fun of "Touch Me I'm Sick" or the undeniable hook of "Hate the Police". If you're a fan of garage rock, this is essential.


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1. Touch Me I'm Sick
2. Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More
3. Hate the Police
4. Burn It Clean
5. You Got It
6. Halloween
7. No One Has
8. If I Think
9. In 'N' Out of Grace
10. Need
11. Chain That Door
12. Mudride

Written by: Tosh

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