Minutemen - Ballot Result

Ballot Result is basically two things in one. First of all, it could be considered a "best of" because all of the tracks on it were voted on by fans. Also, it is essentially the band's live record, drawing all of its songs from radio shows and concert tapings. The album presents the band in their natural environment - on stage, where they were truly comfortable and able to display their vision, as opposed to being confined to a studio. Through this, the listener really gets a feel for the band's spontaneity and live presentation. At points there are screw ups like on "If Reagan Played Disco," at others it all comes together like on the incredible version of "This Ain't No Picnic". Even though D. Boon's life was tragically cut short, Ballot Result is a fitting end to his truly great band - a band that thrived on live performance.


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1. Little Man With a Gun in His Hand
2. Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing
3. I Felt Like a Gringo
4. Jesus and Tequila
5. Courage
6. King of the Hill
7. Bermuda
8. No One
9. Mr. Robots Holy Orders
10. Ack Ack Ack
11. History Lesson, Pt. 2
12. This Ain't No Picnic
13. Cheerleaders
14. Time
15. Cut
16. Split Red
17. Shit You Hear at Parties
18. Hell [Second Take]
19. Tour-Spiel
20. Take Our Test
21. Punchline
22. Search
23. Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs
24. Badges
25. Tension
26. If Reagan Played Disco
27. No! No! No! To Draft and War/Joe Mccarthy's Ghost

Written by: Tosh

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