Meat Puppets - Up on the Sun

Released a year after the masterpiece that was Meat Puppets II, Up on the Sun was definitely a step in a new direction for the Meat Puppets. The first two Puppets albums drew heavily from punk, but here, it sounds like the band is in the middle of a transition. Any hardcore restaints that held them back from their full potential before are now completely gone, and the Puppets are free to move about their natural environment of hard rock, country and psychedelic influences.

The sound here is excellent, eliminating any misgivings listeners may have had before about the band's musical talent. The band is a tight musical machine; the drumming is great, the basslines are absolutely spot-on and devoid of any sloppiness unlike before, and Curt can actually sing this time around. His guitar playing has also progressed; on here it sounds like a blend of country/funk/reggae/jazz/rock. He has also cut down on solos and started to overdub about twice per track, adding a whole new texture to the overall sound. In fact, the second guitar layer is so important that the recording probably would've suffered without it.

Much of the album sounds like the Talking Heads crossed with the Greatful Dead, and catches the Puppets at possibly their most creative moments ever. There's so much variety, from the relaxed "Up on the Sun" to the raging "Enchanted Porkfist" to the whistled "Maiden's Milk," that the album can only be grasped through multiple listens. Just another step in the band's constantly evolving sound, Up on the Sun is a prime example of what the band is capable of and considered by many to be a modern masterpiece. This Rykodisc reissue also includes 5 bonus demo tracks, so now there's absolutely no excuse to not own this great album.


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1. Up On The Sun
2. Maiden's Milk
3. Away
4. Animal Kingdom
5. Hot Pink
6. Swimming Ground
7. Buckethead
8. Too Real
9. Enchanted Porkfist
10. Seal Whales
11. Two Rivers
12. Creator
13. Hot Pink
14. Up On The Sun
15. Mother American Marshmallow
16. Embodiment Of Evil
17. Hot Pink

Written by: Tosh

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