Jimmy Eat World - Clarity

If you know anything about indie music at all, you'll have heard of this album. It's possibly the most famous indie album released in the past decade, that hasn't had any media coverage. This album's relative fame has been achieved entirely by word of mouth. The sound is something like Radiohead, but more emotional. The lyrics have something that everyone can relate to. It's almost a categorized list of regrets, standard ones, relatable ones.

The whole album is incredably clean and well produced, as would be expected since they were on Capitol Records then. The record is a legend among Emokids everywhere, and with good reason. It's just great. I've never heard such good writing, such great production values, or such originality on an emo record. Even if you don't like emo, this is worth a shot.

Anything else has already been said, and i'm not the type to do track by track analysies, so just buy it. Now.


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1. Table for Glasses
2. Lucky Denver Mint
3. Your New Aesthetic
4. Believe in What You Want
5. Sunday
6. Crush
7. 12.23.95
8. Ten
9. Just Watch the Fireworks
10. For Me This Is Heaven
11. Blister
12. Clarity
13. Goodbye Sky Harbor

Written by: Jack

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