Jawbreaker - 24-Hour Revenge Therapy

Normally I can't listen to anything even remotely related to emo, but Jawbreaker has always been an exception. Maybe it's because they don't whine, or maybe because their songs speak to me, but whatever the reason they were a great band. Blake Schwarzenbach, now in Jets to Brazil, got his start here playing guitar and singing. Even at this point, the lyrics are surprisingly heartfelt and mature. Much of the songs are well-crafted and encompass a broad range of emotions, all the while containing catchy melodies that add a certain pop-punk aspect to the overall sound. Just check out "Boxcar" and "Jinx Removing" (which happen to be two of my favorite songs) to see what I'm talking about. If you're looking for an intro to the band, this is probably the best place to start.


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1. Boat Dreams from the Hill
2. Indictment
3. Boxcar
4. Outpatient
5. Ashtray Monument
6. Condition Oakland
7. Ache
8. Do You Still Hate Me?
9. West Bay Invitational
10. Jinx Removing
11. In Sadding Around

Written by: Tosh

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