In Flames - Reroute to Remain

Well I'm not exactly sure what to say about this album. In one sense, it is In Flames, one of my favorite bands but on the other hand they really let me down with this album. It is clearly Nu-Metal oriented - there is no denying that fact and the guitar and vocals most definitely lost their aggressive edge. I only hope this album serves as a warning to the band that they better change back to their old ways or else face the consequences.

Since this album is for all intents and purposes terrible there is no point in talking about the songs because almost all of them suck royal ass. Most of the CD reminds me of Slipknot and all those other bands I listened to in ninth grade when I was a fucking moron and thought Slipknot was the best metal band out there but now realize they suck ass. Anyway, short review because it's a crappy album. Avoid this one at all costs. It pains me to say this because they are one of my favorite bands but seriously, what they
fuck were they thinking when they wrote this piece of shit. However, you should most definitely check out their other albums, especially The Jester Race. Even it's worst song is ten times as good as the best one on this piece of shit.


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1. Reroute to Remain
2. System
3. Drifter
4. Trigger
5. Cloud Connected
6. Transparent
7. Dawn of a New Day
8. Egonomic
9. Minus
10. Dismiss the Cynics
11. Free Fall
12. Dark Signs
13. Metaphor
14. Black & White

Written by: Chas

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