Hüsker Dü - New Day Rising

New Day Rising was one of the three records made by Husker Du while they were signed to SST. Each of the three during their time on the label showed the Huskers at different stages during their musical evolution, this one being their popiest, and therefore most accessible album. It was also their most experimental to date, with some tracks including acoustic guitar and piano parts.

The title track opens the album with a pulsing beat laid down by Grant Hart, with Bob Mould coming in bellowing at the top of his lungs over his trademark fuzz guitar attack. After a minute or two of abrasive noise, the album moves on to "Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill", an extremely melodic and catchy piece written by Hart with an excellent guitar solo. The next few tracks are all noteworthy, but nothing to go crazy about. "Celebrated Summer" is the next highlight; another catchy song with a slow acoustic guitar part that Mould injects with emotionally and powerfully sung lyrics.

Listeners will be immediately drawn into "Terms of Psychic Warfare", which opens with a great Greg Norton bass line. That track happens to be one of my personal favorites because of the catchy refrain, which always brings me back for another listen. The same can be said about "59 Times the Pain", in which Mould sings with such a tortured and torn voice that you can feel the emotion seething from the CD.

The album finishes up with a revisit to the Husker's previous days. "How to Skin a Cat" is pretty heavy, and has incredibly twisted lyrics. The last song, "The Plans I Make" verges on the edge of being flat-out thrash. It ends in a finale of screeching feedback with all the members working into one huge, noisy, sloppy instrumental frenzy.

New Day Rising is a great album. Some of the tracks you may find yourself skipping, but the other better ones more than make up the lackluster few. If you're looking for an introduction to the band, pick up this album. It's easily the most listenable, at least from their SST days, and it samples a little bit of everything from their repertoire to give the listener a better idea of what Husker Du is all about.


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1. New Day Rising
2. Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill
3. I Apologize
4. Folklore
5. If I Told You
6. Celebrated Summer
7. Perfect Example
8. Terms of Psychic Warfare
9. 59 Times the Pain
10. Powerline
11. Books About UFO's
12. I Don't Know What You're Talking About
13. How to Skin a Cat
14. Whatcha Drinkin'
15. Plans I Make

Written by: Tosh

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