Hüsker Dü - Flip Your Wig

This is my last review of the SST Husker Du albums. Flip Your Wig was the last of the trio, and to some the best. Listening to it at the moment, I'd have to agree, but everytime I listen to New Day Rising I start to change my mind. The pop sensibility and melodies that were hinted at on previous efforts like NDR finally break through and become the focal point of most of these songs, but the sludgy production hold them back from sounding too glossy.

"Flip Your Wig" is a good opener, followed by an example of the Husker's powerhouse songwriting abilities, "Every Everything". Next comes the first standout track, "Makes No Sense at All," the album's single. Mould actually makes a whole-hearted attempt at singing, and the song consists of a catchy chorus and verse arrangement. Listening to this song shows you why some people consider Husker Du the Beatles of the 80's.

Next up is "Hate Paper Doll," a song crafted around one of Greg Norton's great basslines. This song is one of my personal favorites. Mould takes a stab at balladry with "Green Eyes," and then follows it up with a seductively brutal track called "Divide and Conquer". This is another one of my favorites. It demonstrates the band's ability to write a catchy song that is absolutely hard-hitting (thanks in part to Grant Hart's slamming performance). The next few songs are relatively slower compared to D and C, but still decent. "The Baby Song" is just fucking weird, but it's testament to the band's neglected sense of humor. You have to hear it to know what I'm talking about.

The next track is also one of my favorites, "Flexible Flyer". Another catchy song with a great guitar solo, it brings me back for another listen or two every time I hear it. "Private Plane" is a bombastic track that might remind you of slightly earlier Husker songs, and an equally ferocious Mould yell-fest "Keep Hanging On" follows. "The Wit and the Wisdom" is basically just an experimental feedback-fest with Mould going crazy all over his guitar with the rest of the band playing the same thing over and over in the background. The final track is actually quite soothing, and a fitting end to a great album.

I didn't really want to analyze the album song-by-song like this, but I couldn't help myself. There was too much I wanted to say about it without leaving a vague impression on the reader. I know I make the record sound perfect, but it's not. The production doesn't marr, but rather.. hinders, the band's overall sound. I think if the recording was done better, the album would've been significantly more powerful than it already is. This is a great intro to a great band however, and solidifies their status as legends of 80's indie music.


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1. Flip Your Wig
2. Every Everything
3. Makes No Sense at All
4. Hate Paper Doll
5. Green Eyes
6. Divide and Conquer
7. Games
8. Find Me
9. The Baby Song
10. Flexible Flyer
11. Private Plane
12. Keep Hanging On
13. The Wit and the Wisdom
14. Don't Know Yet

Written by: Tosh

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