Embrace - S/T

Embrace was a short-lived band fronted by Ian Mackaye after Minor Threat but before Fugazi. It would be accurate to say that, along with Rites of Spring, this band was an important step towards emo and most definitely an important part of DC's "Revolution Summer". In 1985, several bands were forming and looking for a way to express themselves beyond the vision of hardcore. Embrace found a way to put what they were feeling into straightforward and at times melodic songs with deeply emotional lyrics. While still showing some hardcore influence - Ian is still yelling some - the words and and music here are clearly a step in a new direction. Embrace's only material, which unfortunately still sounds kinda tinny despite a remastering, is an important part of punk's continual transition and arguably the first songs of what would eventually become the emo movement.


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1. Give Me Back
2. Dance of Days
3. Building
4. Past
5. Spoke
6. Do Not Consider Yourself Free
7. No More Pain
8. I Wish I
9. Said Gun
10. Can't Forgive
11. Money
12. If I Never Thought About It
13. End of a Year
14. Last Song

Written by: Tosh

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