Dimmu Borgir - Enthrone Darkness Triumphant

It is quite odd how this band is categorized in music. In one sense they are extremely gothic, evil and play loud abusive black metal. Yet on the other hand they are considered the boy band of their genre. Quite odd - to some underground black metal, to others no better than any boy band. I for one think if they are considered to be the boy band of black metal. What the hell does real black metal sound like? Anyway, no matter what you say they are still a great band and this is one of their great albums.

It starts off with a song called "Mourning Palace". Your basic metal song - nice guitars, vocals are pretty evil especially the "Hear the cries from the mourning palace" part. It does switch modes halfway through the song which adds that theme of confusion and chaos to their music. The next song we come to is the fifth one called "The Night Masquerade". This is quite possibly the most evil sounding song I have ever heard in my entire life. Basically it speaks for itself - very heavy guitars and that sound that just fills you with that evil feeling especially the last thirty seconds which I decided was the most satanic sounding voice I had ever.. The next song which is called "Tormentor of Christian Souls". It starts off with heavy guitar and organs which add that evil sense to the music. I particularly like the part where it goes "I'll rip your nails out one by one". I thought that was a nice touch.

For the most part this album is very good but as it goes with most any type of music, if you don't like its genre just steer clear. Dimmu Borgir is one of those bands you either love or hate - there is no in between. So if you like metal most definitely check this one out but if you aren't much for metal just steer clear.


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1. Mourning Palace
2. Spellbound (By the Devil)
3. In Death's Embrace
4. Relinquishment of Spirit and Flesh
5. Night Masquerade
6. Tormentor of Christian Souls
7. Entrance
8. Master of Disharmony
9. Prudence's Fall
10. Succubus in Rapture
11. [Untitled]

Written by: Chas

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