Descendents - Two Things at Once

Two Things at Once combines the LP "Milo Goes to College" and the EP "Bonus Fat" into one solid block of angst-filled pop punk. While the Descendents basically sound like another typical early 80's SoCal hardcore band, they have enough pop sensibility to expand beyond the limited appeal of the genre. Frontman Milo Aukerman melodically spits out the lyrics to hooky songs like "Marriage" and "Bikeage," but without the frothing viciousness of an stereotypical hardcore singer. That might be surprising to some, considering most of the band's lyrical content pertains to teenage angst and adolescent frustration, but unlike many of their counterparts, the Descendents discovered something early on: not too take their music too seriously. The brief interludes of songs like "I Like Food, Food Tastes Good" demonstrate a band that has a sense of humor and simply takes things in stride, rather than getting angry at them all the time.


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1. Myage
2. I Wanna Be a Bear
3. I'm Not a Loser
4. Parents
5. Tony Age
6. M-16
7. I'm Not a Punk
8. Catalina
9. Suburban Home
10. Statue of Liberty
11. Kabuki Girl
12. Marriage
13. Hope
14. Bikeage
15. Jean Is Dead
16. My Dad Sucks
17. Mr. Bass
18. I Like Food
19. Hey Hey
20. Weinerschnitzel
21. Global Probing
22. Ride the Wild
23. It's a Hectic World

Written by: Tosh

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