Denali - Live 2/8/03

What can I say?


How can i judge such an incredable talent? It's really not my place. But, i suppose i must.

The live show I saw at the Fest Full of Rock was... amazing. I'd heard some of their songs before, and was fairly excited that a band i liked had come to my town, but... wow. Totally blew me away. More emotionally involving than any other performance i've seen to date. They're playing in Richmond in a month or two. totally going to see that. But to elaborate.

The first few bands in the lineup didn't really hold my attention. I'm not into emocore, and pop punk isn't my thing anymore (not to say that Ann Beretta didn't have an assload of talent. good, GOOD band). So we didn't really hang around. Sorry if i don't support my local scene, but i've never been one to support that which i do not find interesting. I like to think i'm a bit catlike in that... anyhow. We got back from getting food just as Denali was opening.
I'd been raving about denali to the other two who were at the concert (Tosh and Liz) for the better part of the week, and they _weren't_ disappointed. Liz is a hard person to please, musically speaking; but she liked them a lot. The set was amazing. To compare: The show that came up next was Q and Not U, an experimental act on Dischord. I was more wowed by the Denali show than Q and Not U. I wasn't ever able to look away.

The cold, whispy vocals of Maura Davis, the absorbing bass-work of her brother Keeley, the almost worryingly (how the HELL did he manage to figure out how to imitate a steel drum with a guitar effect?) talented guitar of Cam Dununzio, and the strong drumming of Johnathan Fuller make for a combination that will leave any patron speechless. That's really all there is to say.

On a side note, When i bought their CD (post-set) i met the guitarist. Nice guy, i was a buck short, he let me have the CD anyhow. Definetely a fan. Too bad i didn't get that set-list ^_^;; ...


PS: On the note of Maura: My LORD, she's incredibly beautiful. The kind of beauty you write Shakespearean sonnets for. The kind of beauty which drives guys like me insane, 'cause we haven't the stones to approach it. However, I realized during the show (in an instance which I plan on using in the first comic, so i won't be saying it specifically here) that there are people who will listen to their music only because of her and her looks, and not for the meaning at all. As a fan, this bugs me to no end. Hell, as a musician myself, this bugs me to no end. But i don't suppose she can lose her beauty, so it's something of a conundrum for them. Of course, this also proves to me that every great band should have an attractive female in their lineup. ^_^ kidding...


Student Activities Building

Charlottesville, VA

Written by: Jack

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