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Ah, after a bit of down-time, I'm back in action. This is my review of Denali's self titled debut on Jade Tree Records (home of Jets to Brazil and the Promise Ring). The CD costs about $12 at stores, or if you are lucky enough to catch a live show, about $10 from the band/direct from the label. The tracks are:

01. French Mistake
02. You File
03. Lose Me
04. Everybody Knows
05. Prozac
06. Relief
07. Time Away
08. Gunner
09. Function
10. Where I Landed

The album cannot be described in current terms. It unerringly evades any categorization which can be given to it other than "Indie", which really is like saying that Coldplay is "Rock" or that Ja Rule is "Spoken Word". It is, however, an amazing album. It far exceeds anything on this year's Grammy charts, and never falls short. Denali has crafted a godly debut, a ruttily sexual, hypnotically absorbing cry from a heart which pines for life and love.

Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, it's no wonder to me how this album was inspired. On a gray day, the once colorful townhome rows of Richmond are the most depressing thing i've ever seen. However, according to friends, this isn't at all unique, rather, it is my own expirence which is lacking. Whatever the case may be, this is, in fact, the most prominent influence in my mind. The entire album could only be described as the feeling of walking down the street in a rainstorm after having been dumped by one's lover. It is an expression of sadness beyond the attempts of many others. There is a very good song on the Denali website, track 8, "Gunner", in MP3 form. It is a fairly good represenative of the album, but isn't nearly my favorite song. At it's height, this album compares with the inherent meloncholia of Miles Davis' magnificent "Kind of Blue" album, or The Mercury Program's "From the Vapor of Gasoline" album. =_= it's getting late (2:30AM), so i'll wrap it up with the following. Having heard this album described as anything from Punk to Light Goth (Punk? 0_o) I'll not try and categorize it for promotion. I'll simply call it Modern Indie, and give it to all my female friends for their birthday.


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1. French Mistake
2. You File
3. Lose Me
4. Everybody Knows
5. Prozac
6. Relief
7. Time Away
8. Gunner
9. Function
10. Where I Landed

Written by: Jack

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