Built to Spill - Keep It Like A Secret

Built to Spill's second major label album picks up where Perfect From Now On left off by simply condensing Doug Martsch's jams into 3-5 minute indie-pop gems. The band has avoided using guest artists for the most part on this album - so no cellos and no excuses to draw out a song. The three main members are left to their own devices and they work well with each other - the basslines weaving around Martsch's guitar work and the drums sounding relatively modest to keep the band from sounding too stadium-sized. The guitar work here might remind one of J Mascis, and as always, there are the inevitable Neil Young comparisons. Martsch possesses his own unique brand of writing though that sets the band apart from many of their "indie" contemporaries. Sure there might be a few sonic interludes here and there, but those take a backseat to Martsch's lilting melodies and friendly lyrics. What Built to Spill managed to do here was take a good thing, streamline it, and come away with an excellent product without compromising.


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1. Plan
2. Center of the Universe
3. Carry the Zero
4. Sidewalk
5. Bad Light
6. Time Trap
7. Else
8. You Were Right
9. Temporarily Blind
10. Broken Chairs

Written by: Tosh

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