Bad Religion - The Process of Belief

There are many problems one must anticipate when entering the music industry. Getting listeners is the first and most obvious problem. Do you want to write your music based on society and your views, or personal events, or something more humorous even? Along the road, how do you keep hardcore fans listening while attracting new consumers?

You'd think with a ridiculous amount of albums under their belt and something like fifteen or more years together [used loosely], Bad Religion should be hitting the punk rock retirement home.

Naturally, you'd be wrong.

Marking their latest album, "The Process Of Belief" is the same Bad Religion fans have come to know and love and still manages to stay fresh enough to attract newer listeners. With fast-paced punk rock blended smoothly with Greg Graffin's hard-hitting socio-political lyrics, the album is impressive from the "Supersonic" beginning to the "Bored And Extremely Dangerous" end. Clocking in at roughly a half hour, it surprisingly has a lot of meat and potatoes to it, with lyrics that will stand out for an eternity, or something long like that ["We were different, just like all the other kids"].

Any problems with the album? As most punk rock albums tend to be, "The Process Of Belief"'s short timespan [a mere half-hour, as noted earlier] causes a lot of presses of the "Repeat" button, causing the listener to become pretty tired of the album far too soon. Nevertheless, it has a lot to offer, and you oughta be on your way to pick it up as we speak. Quit sittin', start buyin'.


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1. Supersonic
2. Prove It
3. Can't Stop It
4. Broken
5. Destined for Nothing
6. Materialist
7. Kyoto Now!
8. Sorrow
9. Epiphany
10. Evangeline
11. The Defense
12. The Lie
13. You Don't Belong
14. Bored and Extremely Dangerous

Written by: Kevin Roman

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