Bad Brains - Black Dots

As early as '79, the Bad Brains were hard at work on developing into the greatest hardcore band ever. Recorded in one day at Don Zientara's Inner Ear Studios, Black Dots contains the earliest released material from the legendary DC punks. These recordings are obviously slower than the later ROIR cassette and Rock For Light, but one should keep in mind the fact that hardcore hadn't seen much exposure on the east coast at this time. Bad Brains would become the pioneering group of the genre in the region, introducing ferocious speed and incindiary technique into the music. All other punk bands paled in comparison, and soon every band coming out of DC was trying to sound like the Bad Brains.

Most of the staples are here, just in earlier form: "Don't Need It," "Pay to Cum," "Supertouch," "Banned in DC," "How Low Can a Punk Get," and "Attitude." There's some dub in the form of "The Man Won't Annoy Ya," and the Sex Pistolish "Redbone in the City." And then there's some rarities like "At the Atlantis," "Just Another Damn Song," and others. HR is coming in to his own at this point, while Dr. Know and the rest of the band are developing into a tight, proficient punk rock unit.

As mentioned earlier, the songs are definitely slower than their later incarnations. They also suffer slightly from sub-par recording quality, seeing as how they were recorded in one take in Inner Ear's backyard. Despite these downfalls however, Black Dots is essential for fans of the Brains, DC hardcore, and punk in general.


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1. Don't Need It
2. At the Atlantis
3. Pay to Cum
4. Supertouch/Shitfit
5. Regulator
6. You're a Migraine
7. Don't Bother Me
8. Banned in D.C.
9. Why'd You Have to Go?
10. Man Won't Annoy Ya
11. Redbone in the City
12. Blackdots
13. How Low Can a Punk Get?
14. Just Another Damn Song
15. Attitude
16. Send You No Flowers

Written by: Tosh

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