Archers of Loaf - Icky Mettle

Icky Mettle is the debut album from a band that most people have never even heard of. Shame too, since Archers of Loaf was one of the better "college radio" bands to come out of the early 90's. Anyone that's heard their material will draw immediate comparisons to Pavement, which is fair. There are several noticeable differences however; Archers throws in distortion, white noise, and jagged melodies, making them less accessible than their popular slacker contemporaries. Here, the abrasive elements of the band are combined with strange and sometimes humorous lyrics to make for an interesting song formula. It's almost as if the band is afraid to be likeable, because most of the tracks are straight pop songs cleverly disguised under a layer of discordant noise and almost strained singing. Just listen to "Web in Front" or the dense "Might" for a good example. For variety, there's the intentionally funny "Toast," the addictive "Fat," and the scorching "Sick File." Fans of slacker/college rock should give Icky Mettle a try.


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1. Web in Front
2. Last Word
3. Wrong
4. You and Me
5. Might
6. Hate Paste
7. Fat
8. Plumb Line
9. Learo, You're a Hole
10. Sick File
11. Toast
12. Backwash
13. Slow Worm

Written by: Tosh

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