Apples In Stereo - Velocity of Sound

The Apples in Stereo have been putting out annoyingly jammy pop-diddies (hah, even that sentence annoyed me) since 1995. This latest album of their's, "The Velocity of Sound", is a great continuation of their career. It's got most everything a post-modern emokid hipster could want these days. The album has melodic punk melodies, a high-pitched male lead singer, angsty lyrics. It's fascinating, really. There's a lot of Indie Pop out there, this is quite stereotypical stuff. I wouldn't be suprised if the lead singer wore a striped cardigan and had glasses or something.

hehehe, beware the idiot reviewer...

anyway, the CD has a basic format to most of it's songs. Fuzzed guitars with punk / 60's rock influence, a few moog synth lines, melodic, well versed, intelligent singers with self-depreciating referencial lyrics. (i enjoy big words. :P nyah)

Bands that they remind me of? Pavement meets the Mooney Suzuki. The album cover's orange, for those in North America, so check it out in the A(p) section of your record store. I think if you look, they probably carry it at Sam Goody or some craphole corporate store like that. Support your local Indie music stores, buy this album there (or at amazon, and get us moneys!)


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1. Please
2. Rainfall
3. That's Something I Do
4. Do You Understand?
5. Where We Meet
6. Yore Days
7. Better Days
8. I Want
9. Mystery
10. Baroque
11. North America (Bonus Track)
12. She's Telling Lies (Bryce's Mix)

Written by: Jack

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