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NotSoPop Music Reviews (old site design with broken ssi and reviews I wrote when I was about 16)

I am a recent college graduate recently relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area. I currently work from home for, editing video that is being prepared for posting to the site. H-N is an exploration of the experiences of second-generation American youths.

My main duty is to take a large portion of previously recorded video clips, and sort them into easily digestible segments. Much of the video consists of interviews with the youths (up to college age) and their families. There is also usually a significant amount of b-roll to take advantage of. After poring over transcripts of all the interviews, I then choose a few predominant themes to build upon such as culture, identity, and immigration. Out of many hours of footage comes approximately 15 minute video assemblages, with 3-4 segments constructed around the themes of the interviews.

The nature of this project allows me to work from home. It is a relaxed and enjoyable way to work, as I set my own hours and have relative freedom to exercise creative control over the projects. However, like all good things, it will not last forever. Therefore, I have been looking for jobs in the Bay Area that might be suitable to switch over to should my work for H-N dry up.

I have been trained in many aspects of digital video and film. My major in Media Arts and Design required not only completion of concentration requirements, but also basic training in the ways of computers and script writing, leading up to the more complex and technical classes. I have worked with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Additionally, I have largely taught myself DreamWeaver, which I used to design this site, and have been able to utilize my skills using Gimp as well.

Besides computer training, there was also quite a bit of writing involved as well. I have written PSAs, commercials, treatments, and screenplays for classes. There was also a paper for a law class involving the study of a certain aspect of intellectual property laws. (I took 2 of these classes, one for music industry, but many of the concepts were the same). Additionally, I was also completing a major in English with a minor in film studies, so not only was I writing these practical production documents, but also increasing my understanding of film and its intertwined narrative structure through studies of theory and history. Needless to say, I have seen countless films, watching not only for enjoyment, but also the thrill of studying direction and artistic choice, to which there is no limit.

On the production side, I have been trained to shoot with high-definition video cameras. The school's choice was the Sony Z1U, so I have worked with that extensively, as well as the Panasonic DVX100, which I shot a feature on. Other elements of training included lighting, i.e.. the three-point setup, as well as crash courses in outdoor and indoor scene lighting. I am well versed in using shotgun and lavaliere microphones. I have also had experience using a jib. I have shot in a 3-camera studio, once for a newscast and again for a 3-minute direction exercise. Of course, everything was edited using Final Cut Pro.

The capstone course for my major involved shooting a 15-minute movie, with a group of two others, entirely of our own conception. Duties included: initial development, script writing and revision, casting, constructing scene breakdowns, schedules, a budget, recruiting extras, location scouting, preparing release forms, floor plans, and prop lists, and shooting and editing the final product in hi-def. Our film ended up being 21 minutes long, but in the end, we were proud of it.

My work for H-N goes on, but I continue to seek out new opportunities within the Bay Area. My life is here, and hopefully, my work will continue to flourish here.